Make Belk Credit Bill Pay Quickly And Conveniently

Step 1:Online Bill Payment

Belk customers can make their Belk credit bill pay online. In order to make an online payment, the card holder has to register his account on the website to activate his online bill payment account.

Steps 2: To Make Belk Credit Bill Pay:

Customers can find more information about Belk credit card payment at website. After visiting, one has to click on the link – Belk credit card, which appears at the top of the page in order to go to the Belk credit card services online webpage. There one has to click on the “register here” link and enter the account number along with other personal identification details. After filling the details, the customer will have to return to Belk credit card webpage again and select the Belk credit card link to go to the login page. On the login page, they will have to enter their new user ID and click the “login” button to input the password. After logging in to the Belk credit card bill payment facility, the customer can select the menu that allows them to pay their credit card bill. Then they will be required to follow a few simple instructions to pay their credit card bills. Similar to the other online bill payment services, one can choose to either pay their credit card bill on a one-time basis or set up the payment on a recurring basis. As a first time payer, one will be required to assign a banking account as a source of fund.

Belk Credit Bill Pay – Other Facilities:

By registering on Belk credit payment site, customers can pay their credit card bills quickly and conveniently. They can also change their personal information and password, download their past and current transactions, check their banking activities, check as well as redeem their reward points, subscribe to receive their bills electronically and so on.

Belk Credit Bill Pay – Security Steps:

Belk has numerous securities in place to ensure the security of their customer’s account and transactions. Nevertheless, one must make sure that they are cautious while accessing the online payment options. One should check to see that they are logging in to the correct website and must also be vigilant about clicking email links that are sent by unknown senders, asking for sensitive bank account information. One must also avoid disclosing their login details to anybody and refrain from accessing their online accounts through a public computer. It would be essential to be aware that, the entire online transactions for Belk account are handled by GE Money.

Steps 3: Click Here 

Overall, making a Belk credit bill pay online is very fast, easy and convenient. Go To:


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